Our Game for Human Rights

“Our Game” is an initiative of mainly Austrian civil society and human rights organisations. The Our Game network works towards building alliances and bundling efforts on a national and international level. It kicked-off in 2013 as “Nosso Jogo”, which is Portuguese for our game, and addressed human rights violations and the risks of Mega-Sport Events at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil as well as the Olympic Games 2016 Rio.
“Our Game” aims at promoting human rights, sustainable development and anti-discrimination in the context of Mega-Sport Events in a wider sense. On the occasion of the upcoming FIFA World Cup (14 June – 15 July 2018), the spotlight will be on Russia.

Public criticism of human rights violations linked to the staging of Mega-Sport Events has increased in the last years. Inhuman working conditions at the World Cup construction sites, discrimination of LGBTI people or the restriction of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are incompatible with the positive and inclusive values of sports. The Our Game initiative stands for team spirit, equality, solidarity and global fair play.

The FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018 offers opportunities to illustrate the versatile links between sports, development and the respect for human rights. Through developmental educational work combined with a human rights-based approach, Our Game aims to sensitise mainstream stakeholders and the wider public for these relevant issues.

Our Game is a project of the fairplay initiative at the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC) together with Südwind and Women’s Solidarity as well as a range of other groups and organisations.

• Awareness-raising and international networking for binding human rights standards in the context of mega-sport events
• Spreading of a non-stereotypical perception of Russia and the region, transfer of knowledge and expertise
• Support and promotion of grass-roots activities around the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the establishment of partnerships between development NGOs and actors beyond the development cooperation

Youth and adults, sport community, supporters, sport clubs and federations, football stakeholders human rights initiatives, journalists, social scientists, public authorities and politicians, migrant and LGBT communities

1. Campaigning – & Awareness Raising
• Alternative public viewings of FIFA World Cup Games 2018
• Stadium activities, football festivals und grassroots events
• Publications, public relations and media work

2. Art and Culture
• Public interventions / cultural events
• Programme emphasis at This Human World Film Festival

3. Dialogue and Educational work
• Panel Discussions
• Workshops and seminars

4. Advocacy
• Advocacy work and dialogue with decision makers
• Network of experts